Concept & Design

GoodFunk showcases the best of the natural wine world by highlighting winemakers from all across the globe, not just traditional winemaking regions. Stylistically, we choose wines that are intentionally different and outside of the box of what “normal” wines may be considered: cider champagnes, piquettes, pet-nats, clarets, skin-contacted and experimental blends share the same stage as mono-varietal classics.

The winemakers we feature meticulously maintain their vineyards and fermentations to give a truthful representation of the land they farm while also assuming higher risks by not using herbicides, pesticides and additives. We love the ultra-small production wines and rotate our list frequently to give you something new and fun to try each time you come in, offered in flights, by the bottle and by-the-glass. Paired with equally funky, rustic food, GoodFunk proves wine can be affordable, quirky and most importantly fun.

Concepted and designed by Maison Bonhomme, GoodFunk brings together the contemporary sensibility and inviting nature of a neighborhood wine bar with the artful and sophisticated aura of 1930s café society in Europe and America. Inside the cozy space, centerpieces include plush velvet champagne-hued bar seats, custom wall coverings by renowned artist Erik DeBat depicting scenes from Old-World cafés and a stunning 16-seat cosmopolitan quartzite bar with matching communal tables nearby. Behind the bar, brass-and-ash wood wine displays crafted by local metal fabricators Wayward Machine Co. offer a preview of the conservas GoodFunk offers as well as bottles of natural wine, their signature whimsical labels adding to the eye candy.

Produced by partners Daniel and Marina Alonso, Nader Hindo, Fadi Hindo, Rafid Hindo, Meghan Vietti Perdue, Marcos Campos, James Barnett, Juan Carlos Alonso and Saam Hagshenas.

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